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Download DIALux plugin

Jokerlight is the Premium Partner at DIALux to support architects, interior designers and lighting designers in lighting projects. Jokerlight makes its luminaires available to professionals across the world, with the most powerful tools for making photometric calculations.

Through DIALux, you can work with the whole Jokerlight catalogue and easily visualise the light distribution of any project. DIALux is completely free of charge and has a very intuitive interface. With the new ULD files it’s possible to have more precise and more exact photometric calculations because they include greater detail and more technical information.

As a partner, Jokerlight has a plug-in which collects our whole catalogue in order to be able to launch and update the luminaires you want to work with. With the plug-in, additional information is provided to the body and lighting effect of our products. In addition, it can always be kept up to date. Moreover, through our website we offer the individual download of the ULD files for each product so they can be quickly imported without needing to download the whole catalogue.

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